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We aim to accelerate human progress by integrating chemistry,
bio-technology, business and research to integrate sustainable technologies across
multiple industries and around the world.


Our Vision

We believe that we are on the face of the earth to live in the most sustainable manner possible. Research and science play a key role in making that a reality. Bio-Techfar Inc. will constantly strive to use Research & Development to address world issues, make our planet a better place and solve environmental concerns. We focus on innovation and implementing the theoretical research to solve environmental issues through practical applications across the globe.

Our Vision is to commercialize and introduce developed technologies to companies and countries all across the globe to; help reduce air pollution, water contamination, introduce renewable fuels and support sustainable development. We believe in participating in projects that will bring value to our shareholders and the environment. We believe in collaboration between the private, public and academic communities across the world and are committed to continued research and innovation in the area of bio-fuels and chemical refining, fine chemistry, resource management and contaminate purification.

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About Bio-Techfar

BTF is a biorefinery technology provider for the conversion of biomass into energy and non-energy products through an innovative mechanically fluidized reactor (MFR) pyrolysis process.

While BTF has an initial focus on processing 2nd Generation biomass feedstock, i.e. derived from non-food biomass such as lignocelulostic materials and waste / byproducts from forestry, agriculture, industry and households, the MFR system can convert any solid biomass feedstock and produce Pyrolysis-Oil (oxygen rich hydrocarbons), Pyrolysis-Char (mainly carbon) and Pyrolysis-Gas (light hydrocarbons and CO) plus CO2 and water.

Unlike other thermochemical conversion processes with a “single product output”, The MFR pyrolysis system enables the production of all three products (oil, char and gas) with both energy and non-energy value potential for improved ROI potential.


Our Team

Here you will find history and information about our intelligent and experienced team at Bio-Techfar Inc.


Paul Franch - President & CEO

Canadian born from Italian immigrants Paul maintains his grass root heritage. A father of two young men and a devoted husband, he relishes the idea of entrepreneurial spirit. A career path took Paul from a financial advisor to principal of the 5th largest mutual fund company in Canada. After a brief retirement in 1999 Paul was not quite finished. He started a unique financial planning firm that focused on financial planning solutions that was the first to provide, fee for service platform . In 2005, Paul sold his firm to one of Canada largest Insurance firms. His continued involvement with the purchasing firm, Industrial Alliance warranted Paul an Executive Vice President role for Western Canada operations. Pauls desire to grow and achieve bigger goals turned his attention to the world of start ups. Paul was able to identify that the opportunities seemed endless however to choose the best ones came through his experience in sound business judgment. The start up of Bio-Techfar Inc and the affiliation to ICFAR along with both professors Dr. Franco Berruti and Dr. Cedric Breins has opened a great deal of doors globally. As a proud Canadian that sees the future in the talent we as Canadians bring to the world markets he seeks to leave a legacy that ensures a cleaner, and brighter environment for generations to come.


Franco Berruti - Co-Founder

Graduated in Chemical Engineering from the Politecnico di Torino (Italy) and achieved a PhD in at the University of Waterloo (Canada). He started his career in Canada at the University of Calgary becoming a full professor in 1992 and Associate Dean (Research and Graduate Studies) in 1994. He served as Dean of Engineering at the University of Saskatchewan (1996-2000) and at the University of Western Ontario (2000-2008). He is the Founding Director of the Institute for Chemicals and Fuels from Alternative Resources (ICFAR). Dr. Berruti is an accomplished and internationally recognized researcher with expertise in chemical reactor technologies, thermal cracking, conversion of heavy oils and biomass residues and organic wastes into value-added fuels and chemicals. He has contributed over 350 publications in a number of prestigious journals, books and conferences, and he holds four patents. He is extensively involved in many international collaborative projects all over the world and has received numerous awards and international recognitions including the Society of Chemical Industry (SCI) Kalev Pugi Award, the Bantrel Award in Design and Industrial Practice, the Ontario Green Chemistry and Engineering Award and the PSRI Lectureship Award in Fluidization.


Cedric Briens - Co-Founder

Cedric Briens is Director, R&D, of the Institute for Chemicals and Fuels from Alternative Resources (ICFAR), which he founded with Dr. Franco Berruti and other colleagues at Western University. His areas of expertise are fluidization and particulate operations, which he has applied, for example, to the development of new reactor technology for the conversion of biomass and heavy oils into valuable products. Current research projects, supported by Industry, address the industrial processes used to convert biomass and fossil fuels into valuable fuels and chemicals. Cedric led a project to build a compact, mobile 100 kg/h pyrolyzer, using new technologies. Cedric holds the NSERC/Syncrude/ExxonMobil Senior Industrial Research Chair in Fluid Coking Technologies. Cedric was the Scientific Director of the Lignoworks network


Helge Kittelsen - Managing Director of Business Development

More than thirty-five years of international business experience with leadership positions in industry and public service. Experience with and insight into a variety of industry sectors and technology arenas. Proven record as leader as well as individual contributor in consulting, sales, marketing and business development involving complex technological solutions in a business-to-business setting. Worked in large multinational companies as well as SMEs and start-up organizations. Lived and worked in Norway, England, Germany, Canada and USA. Language skills include fluency in Norwegian (Scandinavian languages), English and German, and some basic French.


Paul Ege - Managing Director of Engineering

Over 20 years chemical process industry experience covering the development life cycle from research, modeling, pilot plant tests and engineering to commercial plant start-up, operation and development. Specialized in design, development/optimization of multiphase reactors. Processes include production of Petrochemicals, Fertilizers, Magnesium, Carbon, Hydrogen and Silicon as well as innovative power generation and coal or biomass pyrolysis and gasification. Worked for start-ups and international corporations in Europe, Asia and North America. Fluent in English and Norwegian, plus working knowledge of French and German.


James Domenic Fazari - Managing Director of Operations

James graduated from the Richard Ivey School of Business, at the University of Western Ontario with an HBA specializing in Finance and Entrepreneurship. He continued his studies at the University of Western Ontario completing at Masters of Environment and Sustainability (MES) and joined GFL Environmental in 2012 as Assistant Environmental Compliance Manager. His responsibilities included; regular correspondence with the Ministry of the Environment, preparation of Environmental Compliance Approvals and Legal and Regulatory reviews. James also assisted with the organizations re-certification for ISO:9001 and ISO:14001 Environmental Quality Management System. In 2014 James transitioned from Environmental Services to Metal Recycling where he drafted and implemented the organizations ISO:9001 Quality Management System and introduced accounting controls and procedures. James was introduced to the Founders of Bio-Techfar Inc. in 2012 on a school tour of their research facility and has decided to pursue his passion for clean technology, renewable energy and sustainable development.


Marino Attanasio - Senior Project Manager

Marino holds his LLQP designation and has been working in the financial service industry as an advisor . Marino also holds his Project Management certification and has worked on multi-million dollar projects for some of Canada’s largest businesses.


We aim to accelerate human progress by integrating chemistry, bio-technology, business and research to integrate sustainable technologies across multiple industries and around the world.

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